who are we?

suspension doctor

Suspension Doctor was born out of my fascination for bike performance. I’d spend many runs concentrating on getting a good feeling set up only to find on the next ride it felt totally off, even with my many years of riding experience. I had no way of knowing if the issue was me or my bike and wanted to find a way to quantify what the bike was doing so I could rule out set-up as the cause and concentrate on my riding.
In an industry where complex, highly adjustable components are all the rage, I felt it was important that more people to have access to this kind of tool to get the best performance out of their, often, expensive components!


I’m Steve, I started riding around 17 years or so ago as a young lad and completely fell in love with it. From BMX, enduro through  to racing and downhill,  its all been amazing, but it has been more than just the love of riding that’s kept me going. I’ve always been interested in understanding how and why things work and how to make them work better, ultimately leading to a lot of overthinking, especially when it comes to bike set up. I like to solve problems!