suspension doctor

custom mountain bike suspension set-up!

why custom?

Variables. Countless variables.

Factory recommended settings have to cater for the average rider, but since we all ride different terrain, at different speeds on different bikes, in different conditions etc, who is the average rider? And how do we know which way to adjust from there?!

who can benifit?

You! Yes you!

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the mountain bike world or at the top of it, having a well balanced, fine tuned bike means you can safely ride with more comfort, confidence and control! Suitable for all riding styles and bikes including Trail, enduro, downhill, E-bike with either air or coil sprung suspension.

what do we do?

Balance your bike!


We offer a one-to-one custom suspension set-up day where our primary aim is to optimize your suspension performance and balance the front and rear to get a set-up that is both safe and fun, so you can concentrate on your riding!

how do we do it?

Data acquisition and Telem-what-ery?!

Telemetry is a piece of kit that uses various sensors to convert what your bike is doing into data. We can then analyze this data to see how the bike is behaving and use that information to not only to balance and fine tune axle position and speeds but to see how the bike is interacting to the terrain and under braking.

where do we do it?

We’re based in the North East of England.

Currently we run set-up days from Hamsterley Forest for a few reasons. It has a range of tracks to suit a variety of riding abilities and styles. The tracks run quite well all year round, they’re fairly long and most have a good range of features. All this makes for a good place to gather data. We can however travel to your local spot, uplift or race tracks if that’s what you prefer, so long as the tracks are of a good length and have a good range of terrain. This will have to be done on an individual basis due to the current travel restrictions. Non standard pricing may be required to book this depending on where in the UK we want to book. Please get in touch prior to booking if this is something you’re interested in.

what do i need to do?

Book up, turn up and ride your bike! 

We’ll check and note all settings, pressures etc and fit the kit to your bike.. You get a few warm up runs in and we can work from there. You can ride by yourself or with mates, though it is preferable that we use multiple runs on familiar tracks that have varied features, that way you can ride consistently and we can get good data to work from! We’ll work with you to make sure we get a set-up that not only works well but feels good!